How it Works

The Power of Choice campaign is composed of many different components in order to ensure its effectiveness:

Survey – Every spring, District 203 and 204 high schools participate in a Drug Use and Perception Survey (Switching over to Illinois Youth Survey in 2016).  The survey is conducted every other year starting in 2014.  Data from the surveys is used to create materials for The Power of Choice social norms campaign in the high schools.

Posters – Five different 12×18 posters are hung in the high schools throughout the school year that recognize the healthy choices that a majority of students are making about being alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD)-free.

Stall Street Journal – Like the posters, Stall Street Journals are hung in the schools (bathrooms, drinking fountains, etc.) and provide a more in-depth look at the data collected from the surveys, while also recognizing that a majority of students are making healthy choices regarding ATOD.

I-Teams – Three times during the school year, The Power of Choice visits the high school cafeterias to help educate students on the campaign and reinforce the true behavioral norms of their peers.

Classroom Presentations – Each semester, The Power of Choice visits District 203 freshman classes and District 204 health classes to explain the annual survey and address students’ perceptions about the behaviors of their peers by conducting a mini-survey during class.  This presentation gives students an opportunity to see how the survey and campaign work on a smaller scale.

Parent Newsletters – A monthly electronic newsletter is distributed to high school parents in an effort to educate parents about the campaign and provide helpful information about connecting with their children in order to help pave the way for a bright future.

Website – This website includes information for both parents and students.  Access newsletters, substance abuse prevention resources, FAQ’s, posters, Stall Streets, data and statistics from The Power of Choice campaign.  Please visit often as we are always updating the site with useful information for both parents and their teens.


For more about information, check out The Power of Choice: Breaking the Myths about Teen Drug Use and Alcohol (Halfstack Magazine)