How to get involved:

Focus Groups
Every piece of material for the Power of Choice including posters, videos and brochures, relies on the use of focus groups to help create an effective message. Become a part of the process!
Designing Materials
If you’ve got an eye for graphic design, have an idea for a campaign poster, or just have thoughts about how we could improve our designs, we appreciate your creative input.
Visit our table during lunch when we are at your school
The Power of Choice will be visiting the District 203 and 204 high schools throughout the school year.
When you see us, come and visit our table and help yourself to a Laffy Taffy. We appreciate your feedback and opinions.
Putting up the Stall Street Journal
You go to large schools with a lot of bathroom stalls. We can use all the help we can get to post the new Stall Street Journals

Dawn Neylon, Power of Choice Coordinator: or 630-961-2992 ext. 1124

We appreciate your ideas and interest in contributing to The Power of Choice!