What is the difference between the Power of Choice high school and 6th-8th grade campaigns?

Both campaigns use surveys to gather data from students. Both campaigns use communications campaigns to distribute our positive messages.

The high school campaign uses a social norms marketing strategy to replace false perceptions of behavior with accurate and true behavioral norms of the population.

The 6th-8th grade campaign uses marketing strategies to enhance protective factors in students supporting them to make healthy choices.  —Protective factors are defined as elements that build resilience in individuals and communities, helping them avoid alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

The Power of Choice 6th-8th grade campaigns is a substance abuse prevention campaign. Why don't the materials talk about substances?

Research shows that the most effective prevention strategies for this age group involve building protective factors.  Helping students to build skills in the areas of self-esteem, social & emotional competency, positive peer influence, role models and a sense of future helps them to become resilient individuals who are able cope with life’s adversities in positive and healthy ways which make them lest likely to use alcohol and other drugs.

How can I get involved with the Power of Choice campaigns?

Join the Power of Choice committee, volunteer at I-Teams in school cafeterias, edit parent newsletters, display campaign materials in your businesses. Contact Power of Choice 6th-8th Grade Coordinatorprevention@360youthservices.org  to get involved.

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