How It Works

The Power of Choice 6-8th grade campaign is composed of many different components in order to ensure its effectiveness:

Illinois Youth Survey –District 203 and 204  8th grade students participate in the Illinois Youth survey every other year. Information from the survey helps to guide the development of the campaign.

Posters – Five different 12×18 posters are displayed in the schools throughout the school year. Posters are designed with messages intended to build those protective factors that will guide students as they develop and begin making decisions that will lead them to a healthy future.

Power Surge –newsletters displayed in key areas to give students a little more information about important topics and themes connected to those protective factors highlighted in the posters. Each issues will present a Power Surge Challenge to encourage the students to “do something powerful” with the information they learn.

PowerTalk for Families –  activities are designed to give families tools to have important conversations that reinforce skills that help young people build resilience and health.

I-Teams – two times during the school year, The Power of Choice visits the middle school/junior high school cafeterias to help educate students on the campaign and reinforce the topics covered by the campaign.

Parent Newsletters – A monthly electronic newsletter is distributed to parents in an effort to educate them about the campaign and provide helpful information about connecting with their children in order to help pave the way for a bright future.

Website – This website includes information for both parents and students. Access newsletters, substance abuse prevention resources, FAQ’s, posters, Power Surges, data and statistics from The Power of Choice campaign. Please visit often as we are always updating the site with useful information for both parents and students