Parents Use Your Power

Teaching Adolescents the Joy of Serving Others

Social Media- Parent’s Responsibility

Empowering Adolescents to Take Responsibility

Our Words Affect Others: T-H-I-N-K

Words Your Children Need to Hear from YOU…to Help Them Stay Drug-Free

Developing Emotional Awareness in Adolescents                                                          (Español)Desarrollando Conciencia Emocional en Los Adolescentes

Understanding Adolescent Brain Development Can Maximize Decision Making    (Español)Entendiendo el Desarrollo del Cerebro Adolescente

Realistic Goal Setting–Finding a Healthy Balance                                                       (Español)Establecer Metas Realísticas y Encontrar un Equilibrio Saludable

Learning Responsibility Moves Adolescents Toward Independence                              (Español) Aprender la Responsabilidad Fomenta Independencia en los Adolescentes

May 2017- We can make a difference                                                                                    (Español) Mayo 2017- Podemos Marcar una Diferencia

April 2017- We each have something to contribute to the world

March 2017- Life isn’t random…preparing adolescents to take control                            (Español) Marzo 2017- Preparando a los Adolescentes para Tomar Control

February 2017- Equipping Adolescents with Coping Strategies                                          (Español) Febrero 2017- Equipando a Adolescentes a Sobrellevar

January 2017- Strength of Character Leads to Success in Life                                            (Español) Enero 2017 Solidez del Carácter Lleva al Éxito

December 2016- We are not alone…and that’s a good thing!                                              (Español) Diciembre 2016 No estamos solos…¡y eso es algo bueno!  

November 2016- Confidence is more than just “feeling good”                                            (Español) La confianza es más que sentirse bien

October 2016- Inspiring True Competence in Your Adolescent                                           (Español) Inspirar Verdadera Competencia en Su Hijo/a Adolescente

September 2016- Resilience in Prevention                                                                                (Español) Resiliencia en la Prevención

May 2016- Volunteering Provides a Lifetime of Benefits                                                        (Español) El Voluntariado Ofrece Beneficios para Toda la Vida

April 2016- Part of Something Bigger                                                                                           (Español)  Parte de Algo Más Grande

March 2016- Moving Adolescents Toward Independence                                                      (Español) Moviendo Adolescentes Hacia la Independencia

February 2016- The Importance of Trusted Adults in Adolescent Development             (Español) La Importancia de Adultos de Confianza en el esarrollo de los Adolescentes

January 2016- Respect                                                                                                                 (Español) El Respeto

December 2015- Taking Control of Bullying                                                                             (Español) Controlando el Comportamiento de Acoso

November 2015- Qualities of a True Friend                                                                              (Español) Cualidades de los Verdaderos Amigos

October 2015- Developing Emotional Awareness in Adolescents                                       (Español)  Desarrollando Conciencia Emocional En Adolescentes

September 2015- Tips for Growing Healthy Teens                                                                 (Español) Consejos Para Criar Adolescentes Sanos

May 2015- Social Media: A Parent’s Responsibility

April 2015- Taking Control of Media Influences

March 2015- Who Are My Child’s Role Models?

February 2015- Modeling Healthy Behaviors

January 2015- Our Words Affect Others: Learning the T-H-I-N-K Strategy to Communicate

December 2014- Words Your Children Need to Hear from You–To Help Them Stay Drug Free 

November 2014- Maximize your Child’s Decision Making

October 2014- Helping Your Child Set Realistic Goals

September 2014- What’s New This Year?

May 2014 – Family Activities that Make Memories

April 2014 Children Need Healthy, Positive Role Models

March 2014 Building Resilience in Our Children

February 2014 Setting Boundaries–Saying “no” can be a positive thing!

January 2014 Talking to Your Child About Drugs and Alcohol

December 2013 DESK Intervention–Tools for Confronting Difficult Situations with Your Child

November 2013 Connect with Other Parents to Share…Support…Network

October 2013 Local Resources to Support Your Children

September 2013 What is the Power of Choice?

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